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International Health Centre Rotterdam   Gerdesiaweg 488   3061 RA Rotterdam  Tel. 010 – 200 49 00

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Chronic illness

Do you have a chronic illness or think you might have? At IHCR our GPs provide medical services related to all types of chronic illnesses like asthma, heart disease and diabetes. They are experienced in managing chronic health conditions and co-ordinate your care with a specialist.

Chronic illness treatment

If you have a chronic health condition, good co-ordination between the GP and a specialist is important. In the early stages of your disease, the GP will give you a diagnosis and refer you to a specialist. In the course of your illness, good coordination between primary and secondary care is important. Our GPs keep good contact with the specialist they refer you to, to give you the best care possible.

Chronic illness – asthma

Some diseases can not be cured, but can be controlled. One of them is the chronic lung disease asthma. Our GPs can determine whether you have asthma or not doing several tests. When asthma is diagnosed our GPs will develop a management plan. The GP will monitor your disease and decide what treatment is needed.

Chronic illness – diabetes

Our GPs can also provide type 2 diabetes assessments to patients who are or may be at risk. You can schedule an appointment for a diabetes evaluation, to ascertain your risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes type 2 is considered one of the largest contributors to medical problems and complaints. It is associated with complications like cardiovascular disease and the malfunctioning of organs like your kidneys. Also your eyesight can be affected due to type 2 diabetes.

Make an appointement

Are you concerned about your health and think you might suffer from a chronic illness? Please, get in contact with us to consult one of our GPs. Our GPs will make a diagnosis and forward you to a specialist if desired or necessary. For a consultation, please contact us on 010 – 200 49 00 on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.