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International Health Centre Rotterdam   Gerdesiaweg 488   3061 RA Rotterdam  Tel. 010 – 200 49 00

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Men’s health

Our GPs at IHCR can also provide proper men’s health care. All kinds of medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and heart and vascular disease can be detected early or prevented by a periodical health check.

Men’s health – early prevention

Many men avoid or delay going to the doctor. They have non-specific complaints, are reluctant to see a doctor or are just too busy. Early prevention and diagnosis though, can be important for your long-term health. Our GPs can perform men health checks including cancer screenings, sexual health checks and prostate checks. Also our GPs can provide preventive care and will forward you to a specialist if necessary.

Typical problems

Men are more likely to suffer from some serious health problems than women. Mental illnesses and sleep related problems like, depression, stress, anxiety and sleep apnoea are often experienced by men. These conditions can cause other issues like a lowered sex drive or erection problems.

Overall check-up

It’s important to monitor your health on a regular base. With a so called ‘well man check’ we can monitor your health closely and it allows us to discover any early warning signs for a variety of illnesses.

A well man check includes:

  • a heart check
  • a blood sugar level test
  • a blood pressure test
  • a height and weight check
  • a BMI check
  • a urine check (on site)
  • a lifestyle check (smoking, use of alcohol, possible drug use)
  • any other apprpriate checks

Make an appointment for men’s health care

At IHCR our experienced GPs will address your health concerns with delicacy and care. If necessary we will forward you to a specialist. Keep in mind that in the Netherlands you always have to consult a GP prior to visiting a specialist in hospital. For a consultation, please contact us on 010 – 200 49 00 on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.