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Health checkups

A general checkup is not something that is recommended or standard in The Netherlands, but we do provide this service. First of all, a healthy life style and eating habits are of the importance here. A health check once in a while or on a regular base can help to maintain your health.

Health checkups – our advice

IHCR advises anyone older than 50 years to consider a health check. In this way our GPs can screen for medical conditions that may otherwise become chronic. An early detection and treatment of illnesses to help you maintain a healthy mind, body and quality of life.

When should I start with health checkups?

For adults above 50 years old we advise an anual check up, for adults below this age a health check every 3 to 5 years should do. A children’s health check is not really necessary, except for risk groups. So we do recommend children with an underlying health condition or a weakened immune system to have a check up once in a few years.

What it includes

A health check up, or preventive medical check, can be carried out by one of our GPs on site. During your appointment, you can confer with the GP which tests would be advisable for your particular situation. It includes the following:

  • physical examination (listening to heart/lungs)
  • blood pressure
  • urine POCT testing
  • lifestyle (BMI and waist measurements)
  • referral to lab for full blood test (liver function, kidney, etc)

You can also request the following additional tests;

  • ECG via the lab
  • pulmonary function test via the lab
  • referral to sport doctor for a fitness test

Once the results come in, you can schedule a follow-up phone consultation to discuss the results and how to proceed.

Book an appointment

Would you like to request a preventive medical check? Please fill out our casual patient form here and we will contact you to book a physical appointment.