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Referral to specialist

Before visiting a specialist you need to see a GP in the Netherlands. If your GP cannot help you within his/her expertise, you will be sent to a specialist.

Referral to a specialist – steps to take

Firstly, book an appointment with a GP. If your health issues cannot be resolved by the GP, they will refer you to a specialist.
You can always ask the GP for a specific specialist, if you’ve done your research beforehand. It’s also important to inquire with your health insurer on whether that specialist is contracted.

The referral will be sent digitally, to the patient and the specialist. You can then call the number listed on this referral to book an appointment. If your condition is urgent, you can see the specialist within a few days. If it’s not, waiting times vary greatly, from weeks to months. It depends on the type of specialist and which hospital you chose. You can call the hospital to ask how long the current waiting time is.

First time visiting the hosptial

If you have never been to a specialist in the Netherlands, there are some things you should know. Always register at the front-desk when visiting a hospital for the first time. Your picture will be taken and you will receive a hospital card (which is called ‘ponsplaatje’). Bring this card every time you visit the hospital. After that you will be referred to a certain depertment of the hospital. At the department you will have to stay seated in the waiting room until your specialist or an assistant will call you in.

Booking a consultation

Do you want to see a specialist? Please, contact one of our GPs first. The GP will review your complaint and can refer you to a specialist. For a consultation, please book one here.