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minor surgical procedures

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Minor surgical procedures

For most surgical procedures you will have to address a specialist in hospital. There are minor surgical procedures however, that can be carried out by a General Practitioner.

Minor surgical procedures by our GPs

Our GPs have to knowledge and ability to surgical remove skin lesions as, for instance, cysts and skin tags. Also they can remove suspicious looking lesions for biopsy to investigate for possible cancer. Also our GPs can apply suturing or wound glue to repair wounds. Are you concerned about a certain lesion? Don’t ignore it or hesitate to contact us. Please, schedule an appointment with one of our GPs. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Minor surgery

Many procedures that require no or only local anesthesia can be carried out by a GP. Here is a short list of minor surgical procedures the GPs at IHCR can carry out for you:

  • the removal of birthmarks
  • removing cysts
  • the removal of lipoma (fat cells under the skin)
  • removing warts
  • removing skin tissue
  • the removal of ingrown toenails
  • the placement and removal of Intrauterine Devices

Visit your GP first for minor surgical procedures

Are you concerned you need help from a specialist? In any case, visit a GP first. If our GPs are not sure they are able to do the treatment, they will refer you to a specialist in hospital. If the GP does carry out the minor surgery, you will be watched closely and get an appointment for thorough check up.

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