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International Health Centre Rotterdam   Gerdesiaweg 488   3061 RA Rotterdam  Tel. 010 – 200 49 00

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minor surgical procedures

Corona measures 16/03/2020

International Health Centre has shut down till further notice. Registered patients can use the Blaak location. Due to the Corona crisis, we have implemented some precautionary measures for the protection of our staff and patients. We are following the advice of the LHV (General Practitioner Association) and the RIVM. Please read this message carefully.


Due to this crisis, we strongly discourage our patients to come to the practice. We will try to do as much as possible by phone or digitally. Only for urgent medical questions that require physical examination, you can make an appointment by phone at Blaak (010 – 4111207). This means:

1- All appointments for chronic patients (COPD/Asthma, DM, heart/vascular diseases) are cancelled;

2- All non-medically urgent appointments are cancelled;

3- Appointments for POH-GGZ psychologists are cancelled or will be conducted by phone;

4- Online appointments will not be possible until further notice;

5- Consultations with the doctors will be done via phone or video (FaceTalk) as much as possible; if a physical examination is deemed necessary, an appointment will be booked at the practice;

6- The 2nd floor will be reserved for Corona consultations. Patients with respiratory infections who experience shortness of breath and severe symptoms, will be seen by the doctor in protective gear.


We ask for your cooperation and understanding in this situation. You can contribute by relieving the staff as much as possible, and by waiting for non-urgent questions:

> For less urgent medical inquiries, you can start an e-consult via
> For repeat prescriptions, you can visit or call the prescription line at Blaak 010 – 4111207 (press 2).
> made by and for Dutch GPs, provides medical advice on most subjects.

New Corona virus

(English below) Het RIVM en de GGD informeren artsen in Nederland over de laatste ontwikkelingen rondom het Coronavirus, dus wij zullen ons best doen om onze patiënten te informeren. Deze pagina zullen we actueel houden aan de hand van de laatste adviezen en protocollen. 

(update 12-03-2020)

Kom dus NIET naar de praktijk.

Heeft u verkoudsheidklachten, keelpijn, hoesten of verhoging tot 38,0°C? BLIJF THUIS. Ziek uit en zorg dat u anderen niet besmet.
> Bel de huisarts bij: Kortademigheid, langdurig koorts (>38°C) of ernstige klachten.

Daarnaast heeft de regering een speciaal informatie centrale geopend om huisartsen en GGD te ontlasten: 0800-1351

Handige links:

Hier zijn de maatregelen die de overheid tot nu toe genomen heeft.

Op Thuisarts vindt u algemene informatie, en maatregelen die u kunt nemen om besmetting te voorkomen.

Het RIVM heeft veelgestelde vragen opgesomd, die hier te vinden zijn.


The RIVM and GGD informs doctors in The Netherlands on the latest developments surrounding the Corona virus, so we will inform our patients accordingly. This page will be updated with the latest advice and protocols from Dutch authorities.


Do you have flu symptoms, sore throat, coughing or temperature up to 38°C? STAY AT HOMELet it run its course and don’t infect others.

Call us when you have: Shortness of breath, continuous fever (>38,0 °C), severe symptoms.

Please do NOT come to the practice. If necessary, the doctor will make a house visit.

To relieve GPs and the GGD, the following Corona information number has been created: 0800 1351


Useful links:

On Thuisarts, you can find general information and advice to prevent infection (in Dutch).
Here are the latest measures by the Dutch government (in Dutch).


The practice is CLOSED for new registrations. We do have a waiting list, meaning we will register new patients after enough people have deregistered.

You will receive an email as soon as you are registered. For more information you can contact our assistant.


– Dutch health insurance (Basisverzekering) contracted by Vecozo
– Residence address within our care area
– Documentation of identification

All of the above are necessary to register at our practice. You can pick up the required registration forms at our front desk. Once the forms and documents are handed in, you will be on the waiting list.

If you not able to register at our practice, you can find other GPs near you at
Simply enter your zipzode and search on the map.

If you are still unable to find a GP near you, please contact your health insurance company. Dutch health insurance companies that fall under the Health Insurance Act (ZVW 2009) are obligated to find you a doctor near your home. Your residence address must be near your GP, because he/she has an obligation to be at your home within a certain timeframe in case of an emergency. This is why your health insurance company will serve as a mediator to help you find a GP near your home, even if all practices are full.


For registration in a pharmacy in the centre of Rotterdam, you can inquire at:

Apotheek Lagaay – Westblaak
BENU Apotheek Spanhoff
Apotheek Ramleh
BENU Apotheek Erasmus 
BENU Apotheek Wester in Rotterdam


Health insurance

Do you live or work in the Netherlands? Then you are required, under the Health Insurance Act (in Dutch: Zorgverzekeringswet), to get health Insurance. As an expat you have to take out Dutch health insurance within four months after you receive your residence permit. This health insurance is compulsory.

Dutch health insurance

The Dutch government is responsible for the quality of the Dutch health care system. However, it is not in charge of managing it. Even if you have insurance in your homeland, you are still required to have health insurance in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are different insurers which you can chose from. All have their own policies and regulations, so it is best to compare different insurance companies. This way you can pick out the insurer that fits your needs best. You are free to choose your own health insurer. Furthermore, you can change your health insurer once a year.

The costs

You will have to pay your insurer a monthly fee (which is called premie). This fee depends on the insurance plan you choose. Every insurer has different plans, with different fees and different covering. Then, there is also the own risk amount (eigen risico). That is an annual amount you have to pay out of your own pocket, to cover the first medical costs up to €385. You have the choice to increase your ‘eigen risico’ and get a deduction on your monthly premium. Consult your insurance company for more information abut this.

Mandatory and supplementary

Your health insurance consists of  mandatory health insurance and supplementary insurance, which is optional. The mandatory coverage is more or less the same for every health insurer, but the supplementary insurance can differ a lot.

Mandatory health insurance covers:

  • Basic medical care; including care provided by general practitioners, medical specialists and obstetricians
  • Dental care up to the age of 18
  • Hospitalisation
  • Maternity care
  • Therapies and dietary advice (with limitations)
  • Most medicines and medical devices and products

Supplementary insurance covers:

  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Dental care for adults
  • Physiotherapy
  • Alternative medical products

The monthly premium for the mandatory health insurance is approximately around € 115 (2019). As stated, the supplementary premium differs per health insurer.

Everyone over the age of 18 pays a monthly premium for the mandatory health insurance. Those who are younger than 18 years are insured and do not have to pay any premium or excess. Note that newborns must be registered with a health care insurer within four months after birth.

Prices healthcare

The maximum charges for the incidental and acute care by general practitioners who offer healthcare to casual patients are determined each year by the NZA (Dutch Health Authority).


Rates 2020:

Casual consultation €59.66
Minor surgery €91,68

This includes the consultation itself, including any prescription(s) or referral(s) deemed necessary by our doctor.
It does not include: The medication from the pharmacy, lab tests, or anything else outside of our practice.



If you have a Dutch health insurance “Basisverzekering”, we will take care of the reimbursement for you.

For the following insurances, you will have to pay in advance:

– European health insurance card;
– Student/expat Insurance (Allianz, Allianz CZ, AON, Cigna, IPS, Loonzorg, SOS International, Unigarant);
– Other foreign or private health insurances.

We will provide you with a receipt, which you can use to declare the cost with your health insurance.
Upon request, we can also provide you with a letter detailing your visit, may you need one for your declaration.